Opens again Monday the 17th of June at 10am

  • Book Bindery

    Open Mondays and Fridays
    10:00am to 06:00pm

    Basement Room S27
    Gerrit Rietveld Academie
    Frederik Roeskestraat 96
    1076ED Amsterdam

    During the opening hours, guidance is available for students of every department and academic year.

    The equipment at the workspace allows the production of books and publications in small editions and specific manipulations of paper and cardboard.

    All processes are always done entirely by hand. Equipment is free of use after the required instruction; a limited selecton of materials can be purchased in the workshop.

    Site by Sebastian Ly Serena & Rosen Tomov
    Photography by Otto Kaan.

    For any inquiries or questions regarding the workshop, please contact Miquel or Ott.

    Materials, paper and printers in Amsterdam:


    The Paper Factory



    Printing Raddraaier B.V.


    Frederik Hendrikstraat 114, 1052 JB Amsterdam

    Van der Heijde